Instagram 101 by Jess Holmes

Instagram 101

What's included?

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Course Introduction
The Basics
Personal vs Creator vs Business Profile
Defining Your Niche & Target Audience
Setting Up Your Bio
Two Factor Authentication
Photo Quality
Photo Editing
Creating & Utilizing Quotes
Hashtag Strategies
The Low Down
What's a Good Hashtag and What's a Bad Hashtag
Debunking Shadowbanning
Hashtag Research
Because it's All About That Post
Content Ideas
Developing Captions
Optimal Posting Times
Scheduling & Layout Tools
Instagram Stories
To Hashtag or Not to Hashtag?
Story Filters
Creating Story Slides & Highlight Covers
Engagement & Growth Tactics
Follower Engagement
Post Comments
Shout Outs
Loop Giveaway Method
How to Tank Your Engagement
Making Money on Instagram
The Wildish Academy
Course Bonuses
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